March 2012

The DHD Gang is in Palm City, FL for their "Spring" Training with 14 horses. Fabelhaft will be ridden by Katie Stoy and is entered in some shows down there.

The Big News:
Virginia Moon is now the proud of Owner of Gibraltar. Ginny had leased him for 3 years and we are so happy for them. There is no better Home than the Moon Farm in Harvest, Alabama. We wish Ginny and Gibby continuing success in the future and we will visit and see them compete.

December 2011

We travelled to the USDF Convention in SAN Diego, CA and enjoyed trips
to the Zoo and the DEL MAR Hotel.

Gibraltar and Ginny received many Rewards. Ginny got her Silver Free Style Bar and she and Gibraltar won 5 International Andalusian Awards:
Champion in 3rd Level Freestyle, 4th Level Freestyle, Adult Amateur 4th Level, 4th Level Open and Vintage Cup 4th Level.

Let's wish them same success for 2012.

The DHD Group received so many more Medals, that I can not list them all, Congratulations to all Riders, Owners and Horses.



September 2011

We travelled all the way to Majestic Farms in Batavia, Ohio for the USDF Region 2 Championships. We did have our share of rain and cooler weather.
Ginny and Gibraltar had a very successful event. They placed 5th in the 4th Level AA Championship with 61.25%. They placed 4th in the Fourth Level Freestyle (highest AA)
with 65.333% and they were Champion in the Third Level Freestyle Championship out of 9 competitors. This is Gibby's 4th Freestyle Championship in his career.
Fabelhaft and Debbie had a rough time with wet Grounds and Rain and placed 17th out of 35 in the Training Level Championship with 66.4%.
Debbie won First and Second Level Championship and Katie was Reserve Champion in First Level Freestyle, congratulations to all.

A very busy August was completed with Virginia and Gibraltar and myself traveling to Murfreesboro, Tn for the Ole South Dressage Classic.

Ginnie and Gibraltar had a very successful weekend sweeping all their classes.

They scored a 65.0% in a 4/3 Test, 66.08% in a 4th level Freestyle and 67.5% in a 3rd Level Freestyle.

I also had the pleasure to stay at the Moon Ranch for a very relaxing time between the shows.

Next up the Regionals in Ohio.

August 2011

Another great show at wonderful Greystone Equestrian in Tennessee August

First Congratulations to Debbie Hill and Izod who won their Gold Medal this Weekend. She also won High Point of Show with Fabelhaft (Stella) with 72.8% in Training Level.
Fabelhaft also won her first 1st Level class with 69.3%.
Virginia and Gibraltar continued their winning with 69.3% in 4th Level Freestyle and also won a 4/3 event with 62.8%. Ginny is only 1 Test away to receive her Silver Bar. Maybe this coming weekend at the OLE South Show.

July 2011

We had a successful showing at Greystone (Tennessee) on July 16/17th.

Virginia and Gibraltar won their Freestyle Qualifier in 4th Level with a 70.7% and a 4th Level Test 3 with a 65.5%. They are now qualified for 4th Level, 3rd and 4th Freestyle which we attend now in Bativia, Ohio in September.

Debbie and Fabelhaft competed in Training Level again and scored 70.4, 72.14 and 66.8% (with a double buck) and are also qualified for Region 2 Championships.

Debbie had a great weekend and won 3 Highpoint awards with RiverSide Lady in Freestyle and FEI, and with Ruffino in Open Class. Congrats to all.


May 2011

Fabelhaft and Debbie returned to Greystone for the MEMORIAL MAY DAYS event on 5/21/11.

The pair did wonderful, they won High Point of Show with 75.6% in a Training Level Test 3, another 74% in a Training 3.

A great weekend for Debbie on all her rides.

April 2011

DHD particicpated at the SPRING FLING CLASSIC event at Greystone on 4/23/11. Ginny and Gibraltar won another fourth Level Freestyle and scored a 63.243% in a fourth Level Test 2.The pair also won the fun "Egg Ride", what a hoot.

Fabelhaft and Debbie entered 3 Taining Level classes and won with the highest score being 74.286%.



Gibraltar, Virginia and myself attended the Tennessean in Murfreesboro,Tn and had a great weekend.

The Pair won all their classes with Freestyle 3rd Level at 69.3%, Freestyle 4th Level at 66.6% and a Fourth Level Test 2 with 66.7%. They were also Freestyle Champion and Masters Champion of the weekend.
Next week we will be at Greystone, where the DHD Group will also join us.

November 2010

DHD traveled to Greystone Equestrian Center in Lynville, Tn for their Year End Championships. It was Fabelhaft's (5 yr Han. Mare) first show and she did "wonderful". She received 69% and 70.7% in her winning Training Level classes with Debbie.

Virgina Moon and Gibraltar performed a 3rd Level Freestyle Qualifier with 67.7% and a 4th Level Test 3 with a qualifying score of 60.976 winning their class.
Congratulations to both riders and horses.

Next up will be the USDF Convention in Jacksonville, where Debbie Hill with River Side Lady and Katie Stoy with Snappee will be part of the Symposium.

October 2010

Gibraltar and Winter Willow participated in the 2010 Region 3 Championships in Conyers (ATL), Georgia. Gibraltar placed 7th out of 20 in Third Level Adult Amateur with Virginia Moon.

Winter Willow placed 8th out of 18 in Training Level Open and placed 14th in First Level Open (made a mistake in CounterCanter) with Debbie Hill riding.






Debbie Hill, Virginia Moon,DHD friends and I traveled to Lexington, KY to attend the WEG 2010 Games. The Dressage Venues were great and who can beat Ed Gal and Totilas from Holland in the future. We seen more "10" from Judges at these games, then in our Lifetime. Our VIP treatment in the "MAKERS MARK" pavillion was fantastic, lot's of excellent food, drinks and restrooms .An unforgetable lifetime experience.

Next up the Regionals in Atlanta and in November Greystone Equestrian Center where Fabelhaft (Stella) will make her show debut.

Pictures: Ginny, Sonja and yours truly





September 2010

The Music City Dressage Festival (9/18/2010) in Murfreesboro, TN was a successful Dressage Weekend for the DHD Group.

Gibraltar with Ginny rode three Third Level tests and won them all with the best score of a 66.047%, that also earned the pair High Point of Show in 3rd Level and ranking in the Horse of the Year.

Katie Stoy schooled our young Hanoverian Mare Fabelhaft in all three Rings and she proved to be ready for a upcoming Show. Thanks Katie.
Katie and Debbie won a lot of Blue and Red Ribons with their horses and Ruffino also won High Point of show in First Level with a 75%.

On September 12/13 we attended the Greystone Equestrian Center Dressage Show in Lynnville,TN. This is a beautiful facility with on site apartments available for contestants, Indoor Arena etc.

It was a very relaxing show with great results. We also enjoyed the Competitors Party in the upstairs Viewing Lounge with Beer on draft, a typical European set up. The Hans Schart Family (German) did a wonderful job with this property.


Virginia Moon and Gibraltar did their first 3rd Level Freestyle and were awarded with a score of 72.307%, what a performance. They also won a 3/3 Level Test with a score of 68.382%. They both looked great and are qualified for the Regionals.

Debbie Hill showed Winter Willow and won and achieved a qualifying score of 68.947% in a First Level Test 4.

They are now qualified for Training and First Level for Atlanta.

Fabelhaft will attend her first Schooling Show next week in Murfreesboro, TN.

The end of this month Debbie, Ginny and I will be at the World Equestrian Games in Lexington, KY for the Dressage Venue with VIP privileges.


August 2010

The DHD Group travelled back to Murfreesboro, TN to compete in the OLE South Dressage show. Winter Willow and Debbie did two Training Level Test placing First and Second with the best score of 70.1% on Friday. Saturday and Sunday they entered two Qualifying Test in first Level, with the best score of 68.152%.

Gibraltar and Ginny Moon went into two Qualifying Tests on Saturday and Sunday in 3rd Level, placing second and third and achieved their goal to be qualified for Atlanta in October. All in all the DHD Group had a very successful weekend by achieving qualifying scores for the Regional Championships and collected lots of Blue and Red Ribbons.

Fabelhaft is now being ridden by Katie and Debbie and will go to her first Schooling Show in September.

June 2010

We travelled to Murfreesboro, TN (Nashville) for the Tennessean & Tenn. Express Dressage show on 5/28/10.

Winter Willow entered 5 Classes in Training Level, she won 2, placed twice Second and one Third place with the highest score of 72.857%.
She won on Friday the High Point Championship in the Training Level Open division at the Tennessean Express Show .

Debbie rode Winter Willow in the Adult Team Challenge with Denise Cole and her two horses Hermes and Rock Star and won, so Willow got to experience the first of many Victory gallops in her career (picture).
Debbie showed Winter Willow to the Training Level Open Championship in the Tennessean Show. All DHD competitors had a very successful weekend

May 2010

We travelled to Poplar Place (Columbus, GA) on May 15th to enter their 2 Day Dressage Event. The whole DHD Group was present and everyone had great rides, even though it was very warm.

Winter Willow entered 4 classes and her best score was a 73.2% in a Training 4 Qualifying class. She is really coming along under Debbie's guidance. Next on the calendar will the Tennessean show over Memorial Day weekend.


April 2010

Winter Willow and Debbie went to the Wellington Classic Dressage show and entered 4 Training classes. Friday was a complete wash out and all classes were cancelled because of torrential rains and Thunderstorms. We were able to compete in 3 Classes with one first place and a third. Willow's best score was a 70.8% in Training 3.

Even I had problems as my Mercedes flooded out Friday night in the Hotel Parking Lot and I left the car for over two weeks at the Dealer in Palm Beach to get repaired. Fortunately the Insurance covered it ( $9500.00).

On the way back to Huntsville the Debbie Hill Dressage Group spent a night at Hannover Hof. The next day we added one more Horse to the Trip as Fabelhaft EB will start her dressage career in Huntsville with Debbie.


March 2010

Winter Willow completed her second show in cool and one day rainy Newberry, Florida at the "Twice as Nice" Show. She did three Taining Level Test, resulting in 1 First Place and 2 Third Place finishes. Her best score was 69.130%.
Debbie has done a marvelous Job in 8 month from a wild pasture horse to a beautiful Dressage canditate.
Debbie and all horses will stay 4 weeks in South Florida for training in warmer weather (than Huntsville,AL) and attend the "Wellington Dressage Classic II in two weeks.

On her way back to Huntsville she will stop over at HannoverHof and pick up Fabelhaft, our other young Hanoverian Mare to start her off in Training.


December 2009

Several Riders and Owners of the "Debbie Hill Dressage" group attended the USDF convention in Austin, TX. Debbie was one of the Symposium Riders with River Side Lady.

"Berry " and her Owner Robbie Rice won numerous Horse and Rider of the Year awards.

Virginia Moon received her "Silver Medal" award and also received the "First Place Breed Award" for Gibraltar, who won the award for the IALHA in the 3rd Level Open catagory.




November 2009

Winter Willow competes in her first Dressage show at Poplar Place wirh Debbie Hill in Training Level and wins her first Blue Ribbon in a Intro Class.


August 2009

Gibraltar and Ginnie Moon compete in 3rd Level Adult Amateur classes at the Old South Show in Murfreesboro, Tn and win several Blue Ribbons.









February, March 2009

Gibraltar and Holly trek down to South Florida to participate in the Florida Winter Circuit. Debbie's Team consist of 9 horses and 4 riders and they will compete in Venice, Fl and at the Wellington Classic. Gibraltar and Holly achieve their first Goal with qualifying scores in both shows. Congratulations.

On their way back to Huntsville they stopped over in Wellborn to pick up Winter Willow (right), who will be 4 year old in April , to start her dressage carreer with Debbie.

January 2009

Gibraltar is now being leased and ridden by 17 year old Holly Skelly, from Brownsboro, Al. She is a working Student with Debbie Hill.

She will try to qualify in 3rd and 4th Level in the JR/YR division.

Her Goal is also to show Gibby in Freestyle. We wish her a successful year.





November 2008

I went to the USDF convention in Denver, CO and collected Gibraltars Year End Award for being Champion again in the Prix St.Georg with Debbie Hill for the International Andalusian and Lusitano Division. I also attended 3 Days of Kyra Kirklands Symposium, which was just outstanding.


October 2008

Gibraltar and Caroline Humphries had a great showing at the Regional Championships at Poplar Place near Columbus, Georgia.

On Friday she showed Gibby in 3rd Level Freestyle and they repeated his Free Style Championship success for a 3rd year in a Row. Caroline competed still as a JR/YR rider and defeated 5 other rider/horse competitors.

On Saturday she rode a 4th Level Test and won with a 65.116% in a class of six.

On Sunday they placed 3rd out of 16 in the 3rd Level Championship for Jr/Yr. Congratulations Caroline and Gibby.

Debbie Hill and River Side Lady had also a successful weekend. On Friday Morning in a driving Rainstorm and the Ring under 2 inches of Water, Debbie was first out.

She and River Side Lady were able to win the Reserve Championship in Training Level Open out of 18 particicpants. On Sunday the pair was able to secure the Championship in First Level Open with 29 competitors in the class and the 2nd Rider to go. Congratulations to Debbie and FOXBERRY Farm.



July 2008

We are proud to announce the Sale of EMC Brocken to Carol Kelly: CONGRATULATIONS

Brocken met Carol Kelly of Chapel Hill, NC during our trip to the CDI in Raleigh. Carol fell in Love with Brocken and tried her out immediately.
On July 1st, 2008 Carol became the new Owner of Brocken.
We wish her & Brocken lots of fun and great success. Brocken's new home will be at OVATION FARM in North Carolina, see attached pictures of proud owner Carol & Brocken.

Gibraltar will also have a new rider, Caroline Humphries. Caroline has been training with Debbie for many years and they traveled to Memphis,TN together to give Gibby his first rides with Caroline. They accomplished their task and received qualifying scores. The pair will try their first Freestyle at the Ole South competition in August.

Winterwillow and Fabelhaft had extensive Training by Joe Schomburg from Wellborn Quarterhorses. He teaches the "Buddy" system a la Parelli and others. They really have matured a lot and should be ready for "under saddle".

June 2008

We traveled to Raleigh/Durham to compete in the CDI event on May 30th through June 1st,2008.
Gibraltar placed 2nd, 4th and 6th in his PSG classes (as many as 17 entrants per class) with his best score of 66.500%.
Brocken placed 2nd in a 3/2 class with a score of 63.846 and also 2nd in a 4/1 class with a score of 64.884%.

The Highlight of the Show was Debbie's win with River Side Lady on Friday in the 5 Year Old FEI Test and Sunday they were RESERVE Champion in the 5 YO Finale Test for the Markel Young Horse Selection Trial.
Congratulations "Berry" and owner Robby Rice.

Brocken is ranked at this time 4th in the HOY USDF for Third Level Open with a score of 68.0445 and First with the American Hanoverian Society.

May 2008:

Gibraltar and Brocken showed well at the TRI State shows in Cleveland,Tn.

Gibraltar won his three PSG classes with the best score of 66.5%. Brocken also received three Blue, one Red Ribbon with the best score of 69.535% in Third Level Test 3 and also won her Fourth Level Test 1 with 65.118%.

Brocken was also awarded High Point American Hanoverian award for one show.

March 2008

Our Alabama contingent traveled to Florida visit for details

Wellington Classic Spring Challenge

Brocken and Gibby performed well at the Wellington Classic Spring Challenge February 16 & 17

Gibraltar got his qualifying scores in PSG with 62.750% and 63.0%. There were 37 Entries in the PSG classes with Top riders like S.Harding, C. Hickey, Jan Brons etc. He placed 22 out of 37.

Brocken competed in 3rd Level and placed 1st, 3rd and and 7th with at least 15 to 17 riders in the class. Her scores were from 66.744% to 70.769%.


Fox Lea Farm in Venice, Fl

The next competition was at Fox Lea Farm in Venice,Fl., where we competed in the Florida Dressage Competition on February 22-24.

Gibraltar continued his consistency in PSG with scores of 62.5% and 62.750% placing 4th and 3rd in his classes. He is now already qualified
for the Regional Championship at Poplar Place, Atlanta, Ga.

Brocken placed First twice with scores of 66.512% to 68.605% in Third Level Test 3 qualifiers and placed second with 66.512%
in her first 4th Level Test.

I have to mention Debbie's wonderful results with River Side Lady, belonging to Robbie Rice. In her Training Level Test 4 they achieved the score of 86.4% and in her F5 FEI Test the score of 8.32. (top in the Nation at this time).
What a weekend! Not to forget Debbie broke her foot after the event and we hope she is back in the Saddle soon.

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