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USDF rep, Debbie Hill and Uwe Miegel at the USDF Convention.2006 USDF Convention
Uwe and Debbie Hill attended the 2006 USDF Convention in MO and collected a few Ribbons and Plaques.

Brocken ended up 17th in First Level open in Horse of the Year.
Gibraltar was "Reserve Champion" in 3rd Level Freestyle and "Freestyle Performance" in Horse of the Year and ended up Champion for Andalusians in 3rd Level Open and 3rd Level Freestyle.

AHS Invitation
The American Hanoverian Association has contacted us to inform us that Brocken has been selected for the American Hanoverian Society Young Horse Training Symposium with Scott Hassler January 27 in Florida.

Show Results

October 20, 2006

Debbie Hill on BrockenThe USDF REGION 3 CHAMPIONSHIP IN ATLANTA was a big show with over 250 horses and very good ones. It also was very cold and windy, with frost on the grass when the show started at 8am each day(BBRRRRR)

Brocken had 19 & 20 entrants in her classes. She pinned 8th in First level and 7th in Second Level. A wonderful result even though Ellinwood hoped for some higher ranking. We are very proud of Brocken & Debbie.


Debbie Hill on Gibraltar

It was Gibraltar's year to shine and he did not disappoint us.

Gibby placed 4th in his Third Level Open out of 17 horses and

Gibby became Champion in his 3rd Level Freestyle. What a thrill!!


Now Hannover Hof had a Champion:
SAXONY in 2002, BROCKEN in 2005 & GIBRALTAR in 2006.

At the MSEDA Dressage at Kentucky Horse Park (9/8/06) Gibraltar and Brocken did well again!

Brocken placed 1st in Second Level Test 4 and 2nd in Second Level Test 2 and scored 72.941 % in a First Level Test 2.

Gibraltar won both his classes with a 66.222% in Third Level Test 3 and 66.512% in Forth Level Test 1.

The Regionals in Atlanta are next on 10/15 where Gibraltar is qualified for 3rd Level and 3rd Level Freestyle and Brocken is qualified for First and Second Level.

We are looking very good for USDF " Horse of The Year " awards for 2006:


Brocken is ranked 17th with a median score of 70.588 in First Level from over 600 ranked horses. Brocken is ranked 36th with a median score of 66.078 in Second Level from over 400 ranked horses

Gibraltar is doing even better:
He is ranked 43rd with a median score of 65.667 in Third Level from over 200 ranked horses.
He is ranked 2nd with a median score of 72.083 in Musical Freestyle Award 3rd Level.
He is also ranked 2nd with a median score of 68.233I in the musical freestyle challenge award Third Level

"The Ole South Dressage Classic" 8/27 & 28/2006:

Debbie Hill on Brocken

Gibraltar and Brocken had great success with Debbie Hill and won six out of six Classes.

Gibraltar won 3rd Level Freestyle with a score of 69.792 and 3rd Level Test 3 with a 69.333.

Brocken won 3 Tests in 2nd Level with a 66.078 twice and 67.234 and a 1st Level Test 2 with a 66.176.


Debbie Hill on Gibby

Both are ranked in the Top 30 in the "USDF Horse of the Year Award", Gibby may even be in the Top 5 in the Freestyle events.

Our next Shows are 9/9/06 in Lexington, KY and "The Regional Championships 2006" in Atlanta, GA in October



Results from the "Tennessean " show in June 2006:

Debbie Hill on BrockenBrocken with Debbie Hill
win High Score of Show in the EXPRESS Dressage 2006 First Level Open with 75.662 %.

They also win and qualify 2nd Level Open with 67.647 %.

Brocken also wins her F5 Test for Five Year Olds with a score of 7.24 and is heading to Lexington,KY for the USEF Championships.

Gibraltar with Debbie Hill win both Musical Freestyle 3rd Level with a score of 72.500 % and are qualified for the Regionals in Atlanta Oct. 2006. Gibraltar also wins 4th Level/Test1 with a score of 63.7 %

Tri-State / May 2006
Brocken wins high score with 71.481%

Regional Championships / Region 3
Brocken, a 4 year old 16.1H Hanoverian mare by Batido, owned by Ellinwood Brown-Miegel of FL, and ridden by Debbie Hill, wins the Region 3 Championships at Training Level with a score of 71.731%.




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